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Sex in Every City: How to Talk Dirty in Every Language Doesn't everything sound sexier when said in a foreign language? Even 'A casa tua o a casa mia?' sounds more seductive than, 'Your place or mine?' Here are 150 lines and sexy phrases to use when either making the first move or indulging in bedroom banter with a hot foreigner. Whether you're traveling in a different country or trying to seduce the new hot foreigner in your class, office, or apartment building, here's the book that will see you through the dating game and all those hot hook-ups. From the French version of 'Shut up and kiss me!' to the Spanish translation of 'Oh behave!' to 'I lost my virginity, can I have yours?' in Danish, you can learn here how to smooth talk the ladies in Spain, flirt with the Italian hotties, and get laid in Germany faster than you can say, 'I do know your name.'

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