How It Works

Risqué Reads is all about sexy fun. We make the subscription process as easy and enjoyable as possible. You simply choose a genre that interests you, select a monthly, six-month, or annual subscription, and we send your books in a discreet box. 

Step 1

Select a genre: 

Romance, Fantasy, or Obedience

Step 2

 Pick a monthly, six-month, or annual subscription—longer terms get bigger discounts  

Step 3

We ship your books (and a special surprise) the first week of each month in a discreet package

What  kinds of books can you expect? We have thousands of titles in our inventory and new ones arrive every week. Our curators comb through the  stacks to find books that match your desires. Part of the fun of joining Risqué Reads is discovering books you likely would never have had the  opportunity to enjoy.

Risqué  Reads is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life. They'll thank you (wink) every month when their package arrives. 

Order your box today!

Risqué  Reads is your home for erotic books. Each monthly pack contains two  books based on your preferences and is delivered discreetly to you. Our team works hard to make sure the books you get every month will be sexy, entertaining and specific to your interests.